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attention parents of athletes

The SHP ATHLETE Winter Program
Is Now Accepting Applications

stronger, faster and more confident this winter - guaranteed! 

The Winter Program for Middle School & High School Athletes Starts November 27th . Submit the Form Below to Apply

fast track your child's athletic development

Is your child striving to redefine their limits and take their game to the next level? If they're an ambitious athlete determined to enhance their strength, speed, agility, and jumping ability—and always pushing themselves just a little bit harder than everyone else—Our Winter Program will get them results fast-Guaranteed.

warning: The Winter Session is the most popular session of the year and we are already at 70% capacity.

We strongly encourage you to enter your information above to make sure your child doesn’t get locked out of the Winter Session.

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Meet the SHP Athletes Winter Program – your personalized launchpad for achieving athletic success. The Winter Program is a comprehensive and scientifically-designed training regimen for Middle School and High School student-athletes ages 10+. We provide both off-season and in-season dedicated training protocols to address your current athletic needs. With tailored 2 days/week and 3 days/week options, we prepare you for the challenges of your sport by increasing your athleticism and help propel you towards achieving peak performance.

Who's it for?  The devoted student-athlete who’s looking to unlock remarkable performance, no matter if it's the in-season or off-season period.

Female Basketball Players Training at SHP Athletes

Why Train With Us?  Let's break it down

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Age Appropriate Training

When it comes to effective training, age is more than just a number; it's a crucial factor in designing the right program. It's a factor we understand. Our sessions and programs are tailored to the unique needs of each age group. No more wondering if your training is safe or effective!


Season Specific Training

Others don't understand that your training should change. We do. For off-season athletes, you're getting stronger and fixing weaknesses. The off-season is the perfect time to develop your athleticism! For in-season athletes, You'll be keeping and improving on your off-season efforts, while at the same time be better recovered and at your best for every competition. We change how we train you to make sure you're always on top of your game!


Flexible Training Schedule

We cater to your schedule with 2-days/week and 3-days/week training options. Conveniently schedule your own sessions without being locked in to specific days or times. Our flexibility allows you to balance academics, life and training like a pro!


Science based training

We use our 10 years of experience in training top athletes, combined with modern training science and techniques to create our training programs, so you're not just running drills, you're building muscle, increasing speed, and improving skills based on modern, proven training methods. Get ready to transform, become stronger and more athletic, and get really good, really fast!

amazing results-family atmosphere

When your kids become SHP Athletes, we guarantee awesome results...but they're not just joining a gym - they're becoming part of a community that takes care of each other, and fosters sportsmanship, camaraderie, learning and holistic development.

Ariyah Venters - Vertical Jump
Jordyn Lee - Vertical Jump
Grady Hackworth - Vertical Jump

athletes & parents

"Since training at SHP Sports Performance I've gained over 6" on my vertical, gotten faster, and I feel stronger, lighter and quicker which really helped me achieve my goal to play at the next level. I wouldn't want to train anywhere else!"

Ar'mani Reid

Winthrop University

Southwest Onslow High School

Area Player of the Year - 2022 & 2023

1,000+ Points in 3 COVID Shortened Seasons

Principal's List Student

Noella Dowers - SHP Athlete Parent

“In the short time she has been there she has shown improvement in strength, speed, agility, flexibility, determination, discipline and most importantly self confidence."

join our family of dedicated athletes