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attention parents of athletes in jacksonville...

The SHP Athletes Summer Speed & Agility Program Is Now Accepting Applications

Level Up Your Child's Speed, Agility, Quickness and Jumping Ability This Summer

Speed is a defining attribute of athleticism...

Speed is no longer considered just a genetic gift, but rather a skill that ultimately depends on how effectively an athlete puts force into the ground...


…and like other skills, speed can be learned.


No matter what your sport is, being a faster, quicker, and more agile athlete will almost always result in better performance.


In addition to our already effective training options for athletic development, this summer we're placing extra emphasis on speed development, and have brought back our popular Summer Speed & Agility Program.

program begins on june 17th

Our Summer Speed & Agility Program Fills Up Quickly!  Fill Out The Form Below To Ensure Your Kids Don't Get Locked Out

this program is for your child if:

They struggle with inadequate speed, agility, quickness, or jumping ability, which currently limits their potential in sports that require explosive movements and fast-paced action with quick changes of direction

They are just getting started in sports and need to build a solid foundation in speed, agility, balance and coordination, and sprint mechanics that will set them up for success from the start

They have natural speed and are showing promise, but need to clean up their sprint and change of direction mechanics to maximize speed and efficiency

They want to drastically improve their performances at camps and combines in events like the 40yd Dash, Vertical Jump, Broad Jump, Pro Agility Drill, L-Drill, and Lane Agility Drill

here's what parents can expect to happen:

While Every Athlete's Results Are Different, Our Record For Getting Awesome Results Is Proven. On Average, The Typical Athlete Who Trains With Us For 3 Months Will:

Untitled design (9).png

add 3-5 mph to their top speed capability 

Untitled design (7).png

add 4-6" to their vertical jump

Untitled design (8).png

add 6-8" to their broad jump

Untitled design (10).png

increase their lower body peak force and power production by 20%

Untitled design (11).png

decrease their pro agility, lane agility and l-drill times by .3 seconds

Untitled design (12).png

Decrease their 40 Yd Dash Times By .35 Seconds

what happy parents say about their kids' results at shp athletes...


the details

  • June 17th - August 22nd

Age Groups:
  • Middle School and Rising Middle School (10-13)

  • High School and Rising College Freshman (14-19)

The Training:
  • 10 Week Progressive Program Specifically Designed To Improve Speed & Agility

  • 1 Session/Week - All Training Sessions Are 90 Minutes Long

  • Every Sprint Laser Timed For Accuracy. Every Jump And Agility Drill Timed Or Measured and Tracked

The Investment:
  • $250

meet some of Our athletes

SHP Athlete Ar'Mani Reid - Basketball
"Since training at SHP Sports Performance I've gained over 6" on my vertical, gotten faster, and I feel stronger, lighter and quicker which really helped my achieve my goal to play at the next level. I wouldn't want to train anywhere else!"

Ar'mani Reid

Senior - Southwest Onslow High School

Committed - Winthrop University

Area Player of the Year - 2022

1,000+ Points in 3 COVID Shortened Seasons

Principal's List Student

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