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compete in the SHP Athletes
Refer-a-Friend Contest and win big!

You're a crucial part of the SHP Athlete family, helping us push each other to the limits of our potential. Now, it's time to share the gift of greatness with your friends—and win big at the same time. We're thrilled to introduce our Refer-a-Friend Contest and invite you to bring your teammates into our community. With epic prizes, bonuses, and benefits, everyone wins!

Refer-a-friend contest winner - Bree Shojgreen.jpg

The power of teamwork

We firmly believe that the keys to success are dedication, hard work, and a strong support network. Here's a chance to bring together the athletes you know, creating a powerhouse team that charges forward with unstoppable momentum.

Earn up to $100 cash for each friend you refer

No limit to how much you can earn!

Grand prize winner will receive a customized Mier sports Backpack

An awesome bag perfect for any travelling athlete!

Here's How It Works

  • Step 1: Get your Unique Link Invite your friends to join us this summer for the best sports performance training available in Jacksonville with your personalized unique referral link - Make sure you're logged into your account.  GRAB YOUR UNIQUE REFERRAL LINK HERE

  • Step 2: Send & Post Your Link Anyone who signs up completes registration using your unique link will automatically be tracked and applied to your account and they will receive 15% off their summer training option. 

  • Step 3: Watch your Cash stack up There is no limit to the number of people you refer or the cash you can earn!

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