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high school & middle school basketball

be game 8 weeks

prepare to stand out and have your best season ever after completing our

basketball pre-season training camp 


Your 8-Week Game Changer Starts Here!

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Summer for Basketball Players – a season of fun, sun and success. Of off-season growth and goal crushing. Of pushing your limits and surpassing them. Summer is when you get better and get prepared for the next season.

Or at least, that's what it should be.

But for you, a passionate basketball player, is it turning out to be something else entirely?


Now that the summer is almost over, are you left questioning whether your summer was productive?

It can be a harsh reality when you look back over your summer and ask I actually better than last year, or did I waste my summer?

It's time to take a step back and evaluate...maybe you:

  • Skipped workouts and training, causing a dip in your performance

  • Did nothing to increase your Vertical Jump, Strength, Speed or Power

  • Were swept up in the whirlwind of too many AAU Basketball games, and left no room for dedicated skill and athleticism development

  • Allowed your focus to waver from emphasizing essential basketball skills

  • Were relying on coaches to hold summer workouts that ended up not happening

  • Realized you didn't have the discipline or knowledge to do it on your own

Or maybe worse...


Maybe you don't know if you're truly ready for the season, because you've never actually prepared in the right way before!

If any of that sounds like you, you're not alone.


Just like on the court, setbacks in your athletic journey are often part of the game.


But should they define your game? Certainly not.

Navigating these challenges can be frustrating; it can feel like you're dribbling in place while your opponents are scoring.

However, the setback is truly a setup for a comeback.


And that's what we're here for.


same court,different player...

…that's the transformation we offer you with our 8-Week Basketball Pre-season Training Camp

The same transformation that helped 2023 Southwest Onslow Grad Ar'Mani Reid.


Ar'Mani began training with us regularly right after her Junior season.


At the time she had no offers, no serious interest, and almost no communication from any colleges.

What she did have was her awesome work ethic, and our expertise in her corner.


A few months later in July she received her first offer.


In less than a year, she went from being virtually unknown outside of the Jacksonville area to being a D1 Commit, and repeating as Area Player of the Year!

The benefits are game-changing

We've been perfecting our training system for basketball players for years. The benefits of how we train and the results our program gets are undeniable. The only question is, are you going to join the rest of the hoopers in the area that already know?

Game Changing Speed

Training to improve Max Speed is our top priority for hoopers because we know what most don't - improving speed improves ALL other athletic qualities

Improved Handles & Shot

2 Days of training per week with one of our skilled basketball trainers is included in this program. 

middle school sports performance_lunge_shpathletes.jpg
Dominating Strength

No more getting pushed off your spot. No more losing the battle down low. You'll be the one bringing physicality to the game and wearing your opponent down

Crazy Agility

Having Speed, Handles and a good shot mean nothing if you can't move efficiently on the court. Start locking down defenders on defense and be able to create separation at will with lightning quick change of direction

Insane Vertical Jump

Our proven Plyometric Series, Speed Development and the right amount of Strength Training where it matters most will have you soaring to heights you never thought possible

Rock Solid Ankles, Knees & Hips

We place a big focus on ankle rocker and foot rocker development, hip strength, and knee stability. These important components lay the foundation of all other training for basketball players. Run Faster, Jump Higher, be More Agile, and more Injury Resistant.

What our athletes say

"I went from barely able to touch the backboard to grabbing the rim easily in only a few months. I've gotten a lot faster, and I feel stronger, lighter and quicker which really helped my achieve my goal to play at the next level. I wouldn't want to train anywhere else!"

- Ar'mani Reid

The details

what you get

  • 8-Weeks of highly specialized training for basketball players to prepare you for the upcoming season

  • 2 days of Skill Training and 2 days of Basketball Performance Training each week

  • Full testing protocol at beginning and end of program

  • Free 3-D Body Scan at beginning and end of program (High School Only)

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Ongoing support from Coaches

The arena is set, the stage is yours.


This is your opportunity to break away from the pack and blaze your own trail.


By joining the SHP Athlete family, you're signing up for more than just a training camp - you are stepping into a community of basketball athletes committed to growth, persistence, and shared success.

So, lace up, gear up, and get ready to rise up.


Own the court, change the game this year and become the player you aspire to be.

It starts here, it starts now. Let's leap forward together.


Schedule your Free Assessment

  • What is the focus of the 8-Week Basketball Pre-Season Training Camp?
    Our training camp is designed to enhance your basketball skills, increase your physical strength and endurance, increase your overall athleticism and cultivate a competitive edge for the upcoming basketball season.
  • Who is the Pre-season Training Camp For?
    The program is open to any male or female Middle School or High School basketball player regardless of skills and experience level who is looking to improve their athletic performance and basketball skills.
  • What is the schedule and how many days of training is included?
    During the 8-Week Camp you will have access to 2 Skill Session and 2 Performance Sessions each week. Program Start Date: September 9th Program End Date: November 5th
  • How is this different from basketball training I've done in the past?
    Unlike regular basketball training you might be used to, this pre-season camp puts emphasis on building strength and athleticism using a ground-up approach tailored specifically to the needs of basketball athletes. The camp also provides extensive skill work, comprehensive sports performance training, and expert guidance from our experienced coaches.
  • How will participating in this program help me improve my basketball game?
    Our program focuses on improving not only your physical strength and conditioning, but also your technical basketball skills. As a result, you can expect improvements in strength, speed, agility, and overall game performance.
  • I am new to basketball, or sports performance training. Can I still enroll in the 8-Week Basketball Pre-Season Training Camp?
    Absolutely. We believe in the potential of every athlete. Our dedicated coaching team will tailor a routine to suit your current skill level and help you improve and gain confidence on the court.
  • How will my progress be tracked throughout the program?
    We're committed to your growth as an athlete. We begin the program with a testing protocol to let us know exactly where you're at. We're big believers in tracking everything possible. This allows us to continuously assess your skills and physical performance throughout the camp, providing feedback and adjustments to your program as needed. You can expect: Every sprint you run timed using our laser timing system Vertical Jumps measured Broad Jumps measured Single Leg Broad Jumps measured All loads and training volume tracked Our programs are backed in science and we collect and use all the data we can to continually improve your results and experience.
  • How much and what kind of improvements should I expect from this program?
    Although results will vary among different athletes, on average our athletes experience increases in vertical jump height of 3-6 inches, increases in top speed of 1-3 mph and a 20-30% increases in strength and power production in only 8 weeks.

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